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Our Team

The Kinetic Flow team has a diverse team of experts from a wide range of professional backgrounds. Our team has experience in data management, information systems and market research, including 15 years of experience specifically with the Health and Human Services field, and 8 years training, facilitation and grant writing.

In addition, Kinetic Flow staff has worked in both private and public service areas, and has the unique capability of bringing diverse backgrounds, skill sets and perspectives to clients. With nearly 30 years experience in the field, we are poised to fulfill all your information needs.

Ami Sullivan, Project Director

Ami Sullivan is the director of Human Services Research and the lead project director at Kinetic Flow. Ami helps organizations develop, design and manage appropriate research studies to provide solutions to their information needs. These studies have helped to empower consumer choice and quality improvement.

Ami Sullivan, Kinetic Flow Corp.

Ami Sullivan has worked on more than 60 research projects in the last 8 years, with focus on health and human services research and providing information for federal, state and non-profit organization on services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, traumatic brain injuries, substance abuse issues and those who are aging.

Before coming to Kinetic Flow, she conducted research in a number of industries for J.D. Power and Associates, one of the top 25 market research firms, specializing in representing the “voice of the customer”. Ms, Sullivan specializes in quality measurement, assurance, and implementation, including satisfaction, behavior and attitudes, service delivery, efficiency and efficacy. Ami Sullivan holds a Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors in International Business. With this depth of custom research experience Ms. Sullivan will be able to provide best practices insights and support for this successful completion of this task.

In addition, Ms. Sullivan provides business development services including grant writing, project design/development, budgeting, scheduling, agency liaison services and program evaluation. Ms. Sullivan has written eight grant responses in the past two years and has achieved awards of more than $2.8 million for her clients. Additionally, Ms. Sullivan has written more than 20 proposals over the past three years and has been awarded more than $1.9 million in projects.

Our Partners

In order to maintain a low overhead cost structure and to best meet the needs of our clients, Kinetic Flow works primarily with small staff structure, and networks with a number of highly specialized consultants and partners, some of whom include:

  • Oregon Technical Assistance Corporation- OTAC is committed to assisting in the development of supports and associated systems that enable individuals with long-term care needs to live life to the fullest. OTAC uses a variety of strategies to fulfill this mandate.
  • XenologiX- XenologiX is experienced in designing, developing and implementing studies ranging from Behaviors, Clinical Measures, Outcomes Research, Quality of Life, Satisfaction and Quality. XenologiX provides the full spectrum of research services, primarily in the human services fields.
  • Pathways Facilitation-  Mary Beth Lepkowsky and Pathways Facilitation is an independent consultancy focused on capacity building and strategic planning for nonprofit and public sector organizations. Kinetic Flow and Pathways Facilitation partnered on strategic planning efforts for ARCA and Valley Mountain Regional Center.
  • Turkington / Ruhl Consulting-  Ivy Turkington provides consulting to public-sector, non-profit, and quasi-public agencies. Contracts across the United States, with recent work in California and Ohio.
  • ARC Industries, Ventura- Arc Industries provides mailing services, assembly and paper creation services.