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Helping Organizations Reach Their Goals

Our Services

Kinetic Flow’s services are customized to best utilize our resources and our clients, providing information services that are cost-effective and time-efficient.

Research Services

Vast experience working with, and an understanding of, the developmental disabilities community, especially in California.

Business Development Services

Our proposals focus largely on the sale of professional services, technical assistance and support.

Experience You Can Trust

Kinetic Flow, Corp. (Kinetic Flow) is an independent research and consulting firm that provides [consulting] services to human service agencies – those supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, substance abuse issues and people who are aging.


Our Team

The Kinetic Flow Team consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds and has nearly 30 years of combined experience in the project management and research services.

Interviews Conducted

Persons with Disabilities

We've conducted interviews with more than 65,000 Californians with developmental disabilities, or those at risk of developing disabilities, and their families

Employees of Regional Centers

Kinetic Flow has conducted interviews with over 1,000 employees of regional centers.

Private & Non-profit Service Providers

We've conducted interviews with more than 1,400 private and non-profit service providers who contract with regional centers.

State and Federal Agencies

Also more than 1,000 community stakeholders, such as state and federal agencies.